Hi there!

I am a Family, Newborn & Maternity photographer working in Amsterdam, Haarlem, the Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and surrounding areas.

I relocated from South Africa two and a half years ago to a beautiful town called Haarlem just outside of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am fluent in Afrikaans, English and currently on Dutch A2 level. I achieved a BA degree in Visual Multimedia and worked as a graphic designer. I have been a professional photographer for the past 5 years.

I share my life with three men. My husband whom I’ve known for twenty years and been married to for twelve and my two sons aged 7 and 9. I spend most of my days wishing I’d gone to bed earlier, looking for my cold cup of coffee.

My house is constantly covered in Lego, swords, superhero outfits and cheerios. I love soppy romantic movies, but am mostly forced to watch star wars, transformers or avengers with my guys.

Being the best wife and mother is my absolute first priority, which is why I limit the amount of sessions I take each month.


I am drawn to vintage, vinyls, film, art and travel. I listen to Spotify most of my days with categories like: indie, love, folk, acoustic, coffee. I am the forever optimist with a servant heart. I am loved by Christ and saved by Grace.

I cry every time the seasons change while cleaning out my kids cupboards and throwing out clothing they’ve outgrown. I wish there was a pause button, they grow too fast!

I love people who are real and beautiful spaces with gorgeous light, I am drawn to authentic moments with heart and soul. I get different, interesting people who have their own unique story to tell.

My images have been described as creative, raw, emotional, connected and storytelling. I have trained my eye to look for the in-between moments and what I achieve with my sessions are capturing the unique connection and telling your story.