My family, maternity and newborns sessions start at €300 Incl. VAT. You can contact me for more information.

My wedding packages start at €500 Incl. VAT.

I create something honest, beautiful and unforgettable, my focus during our session are to create images full of heart, connection, movement and life. I connect with each person and capture that something that makes them unique and special. I take my time and tell your story.

Business and Branding

Telling your story in an easy to navigate way can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business. This is a relaxed and fun photo session where I capture the heart of your business and tell your story. I follow you for 2-3 hours and document a typical day in the life of your business. The things that make you different and special. Whatever you want me to document I will. We can work together to show the world what you’re all about.



This is such a beautiful time in your life. Your pregnancy is worth documenting, even if it is your third or fourth child. These sessions are held in your home, or in one of your family's favorite places. I document your life as it is right now- so one day your child can look back and see what your life was like- and what YOU were like while you were awaiting their arrival.

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I believe newborns are perfect just the way they are and that is how I like to photograph them. Newborn sessions are done at home in your natural, comfortable surroundings. Families are included in these sessions. I do a little bit of posing, but mostly take pictures while you do your thing. I know that feedings, spit ups and diaper changes are a common occurrence with newborns, I make enough time available so that these sessions are very relaxed and flexible. Please keep baby's clothes simple (no logos, big pictures etc) Either a cotton swaddle or a simple/beautiful baby-grow looks beautiful and timeless. These sessions are relaxed with the focus on simplicity, connection and storytelling. I capture newborns natural and honestly.



I photograph families in their favourite places, doing their favourite things. I love doing family sessions and find it really important to do these at least once a year. Children grow up so fast and it is worth capturing these memories of your family. I connect with each person and capture that something that makes them unique and special. With my own two boys constantly running away from my camera, pulling faces, I am now an expert at making a fool of myself to get babies and toddlers to connect with me. My portrait sessions are all about capturing those moments of connection. Little newborn's yawning, baby snuggles, chunky baby legs, toddler curls blowing in the wind. Capturing the emotion present through it all. So that when you see the images, you’re brought back to authentic moments that mean something to you. The ones you have everyday that melt you. The moments that show who you are and only need direction, not posing. These sessions take place at a location of your choice- whether that's in your home (which I love) or at one of your family's favourite places. The images tell your unique story and are built around your favourite routines or traditions. I get to hang out with you for a few hours, get to know you, and capture your life as it naturally unfolds.



I can capture your special day for you. I spend time with you, your family and friends and capture all of your special memories.

My sessions start at €500 Incl. VAT. You can contact me for more information.

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